Cellular & Molecular Engineering

About the theme

The continuous rapid evolution of life science has discovered functional genes from diverse species, functional cells in the human body, and their controlling methods. SBME has an exceptional cohort of world-leading genome and cell engineers who together develop new principles and technologies to develop human cells having high-order functions to accelerate fundamental biology and cell-based therapeutics. Harnessing state-of-the-art genome editing, stem cell, organ engineering, and computational technologies, SBME Cellular & Molecular Engineering researchers engineer genetic circuits in the human genome, cellular communication cascades and environments for better understanding and healthy control of the human body.

Faculty in Cellular & Molecular Engineering

Core Faculty
Anna Blakney theme headshot
Anna Blakney

Research Interests:
Optimization of molecular design and formulation for next-generation RNA vaccines and therapies

Calvin Roskelley theme headshot
Calvin Roskelley

Research Interests:
Genes and genetic products involved in regulating tissue architecture in breast and ovarian carcinoma progression

Carl de Boer theme headshot
Carl de Boer

Research Interests:
Gene regulation; synthetic genomics; autoimmunity; heart disease; machine learning; cancer; complex disease genetics; evolution; personalized medicine

Carolina Tropini theme headshot
Carolina Tropini

Research Interests:
Human gut microbiome; response of microbial communities to perturbations during disease; imaging; microfluidics; computational techniques; inflammatory bowel diseaese

Connie Eaves theme headshot
Connie Eaves

Research Interests:
Normal and leukemic stem cell characterization & regulation; breast cancer; hematopoietic cells from human embryonic stem cells and IPSCs

Dena Shahriari themes headshot
Dena Shahriari

Research Interests:
Smart biomaterials; neuroal interfaces; biosensors; tissue regeneration; organ augmentation

Fabio Rossi theme headshot
Fabio Rossi

Research Interests:
Cellular systems in muscle regeneration; microglia and macrophages in CNS pathology; epigenetic control of lineage choice and differentiation

Francis Lynn theme headshot
Francis Lynn

Research Interests:
Islet beta cell formation from pancreatic stem or progenitor cells; cell-based prevention and reversion of beta cell deterioration and loss in diabetes

Gabrielle Lam theme headshot
Gabrielle Lam

Research Interests:
tissue engineering; biomaterials and regenerative medicine; cross-disiplinary education; integrating experiential learning in course design; self-regulated and collaborative learning

Govind Kaigala themes headshot
Govind Kaigala

Research Interests:
Microfluidics; lab-on-a-chip; liquid scanning probes; microscale assays; compartmentalization; molecular diagnostics; multi-omic tumour profiling; tumour heterogeneity; personalized medicine

Ivan Robert Nabi theme headshot
Ivan Robert Nabi

Research Interests:
Cell biology of cancer; use of super-resolution microscopy to study cellular domains

Jenna Usprech theme headshot
Jenna Usprech

Research Interests:
Curriculum design; incorporation of cellucar & tissure engineering into undergraduate curriculum; teaching strategies to promote retention of material; critical thought; wellness

Karen Cheung themes headshot
Karen Cheung

Research Interests:
diagnostic & therapeutic biomedical microsystems; dielectric spectroscopy for flow cytometry; implantable polymer-based microelectrode arrays; integrated cell culter systems

Kelly McNagny theme headshot
Kelly McNagny

Research Interests:
Signalling networks; innate immune response; kidney function and cell-based therapies; transcriptional and signalling networks; surface molecules expressed by HSCs

Megan Levings theme headshot
Megan Levings

Research Interests:
Immune cell engineering; immune tolerance in transplantation and autoimmunity; regulatory immune cell therapy

Michael Underhill theme headshot
Michael Underhill

Research Interests:
Retinoic acid receptor-mediated signalling in chondrogenesis; skeletal development; transcriptional networks for therapeutic bone and cartilage formation; arthritis; osteoporosis

Nika Shakiba theme headshot
Nika Shakiba

Research Interests:
Stem cells; Synthetic biology; Engineered cell therapies; Pluripotency

Nozomu Yachie theme headshot
Nozomu Yachie

Research Interests:
genome editing; cell engineering; mouse genetics; high-performance computing to trace molecular & cellular dynamics in high-resolution; DNA event recording; cell lineage tracing; stem cell; synthetic biology

Pamela Hoodless theme headshot
Pamela Hoodless

Research Interests:
Stem cells & control of normal development and oncognesis; heart and liver development; genomics; transcription factors; epigenetics; genome editing; cell lineage tracing; differentiation

Peter Zandstra theme headshot
Peter Zandstra

Research Interests:
Multi-scale modelling of complex biology; synthetic stem cells & regenerative medicine; synthetic niches to control stem cell fate; new therapies for blood diseases

Shernaz Bamji theme headshot
Shernaz Bamji

Research Interests:
Formation; remodelling; elimination of brain synaptic connections; formation/plasticity disruptions & brain function; normalizing cognitive & functional abilities

Tim Kieffer theme headshot
Tim Kieffer

Research Interests:
Development of novel gene and cell therapies for diabetes; physiological insulin replacement

Vikramaditya Yadav theme headshot
Vikramaditya Yadav

Research Interests:
Tissue engineering; synthetic biology; medical biotechnology; metabolic engineering; drug delivery; infectious disease pathogenesis and drug discover

Zachrary Laksman theme headshot
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Zachrary Laksman

Research Interests:
Genetic basis for diseases of the heart muscle; heart rhythm; sudden cardiac death; stem cell models; growing heart cells in vitro; personalized disease modeling and therapy

Associate Faculty
Aly Karsan theme headshot
Aly Karsan

Research Interests:
Myeloid malignancies; myelodysplastic syndromes; hematopoietic system development; toll-like receptor (TLR) pathways; Notch signalling pathway

Cheryl Wellington Theme Headshot
Cheryl Wellington

Research Interests:
Genetic and environmental risk factors for dementia; apolipoprotein E (apoE) metabolism; history of traumatic brain injury (TBI); cerebrovascular dysfunction

Edward Conway theme headshot
Edward Conway

Research Interests:
Molecular links between coagulation and innate immunity tumour endothelial marker CD248

Freda Miller theme headshot
Freda Miller

Research Interests:
Neural stem cells; neurotrophin regulation of neuronal survival; growth and connectivity; p53 family in the nervous system; molecular regulation of neurogenesis

Hongshen Ma theme headshot
Hongshen Ma

Research Interests:
Microfabrication; single cell sequencing and image cytometry; technologies to evaluate blood quality; test immune cell function; personalize cancer therapies and expedite antimalarial drug development

James Piret theme headshot
James Piret

Research Interests:
Biochemical and biomedical engineering; CHO; hematopoietic cells

Jane Hill theme headshot
Jane Hill

Research Interests:
Metabolomics; chromatography; MEMS

Jay Kizhakkedathu theme headshot
Jay Kizhakkedathu

Research Interests:
Macromolecular iron sequesters

Josef Penninger theme headshot
Josef Penninger

Research Interests:
Genetic editing; human iPS cell models of disease; organoid cultures; blood vessel engineering; T cell biology; glycoproteomics in cancer; haploid stem cells

Lynn Raymond theme headshot
Lynn Raymond

Research Interests:
Synaptic function in Huntington disease; NMDA-type glutamate receptor and calcium homeostasis in synaptic function; mouse models & automated assessment

Mark Cembrowski theme headshot
Mark Cembrowski

Research Interests:
Anxiety Genetics; Modeling; Neural circuits; Neuroscience; Neuroscience of memory; PTSD; RNAseq

Peter Lansdorp theme headshot
Peter Lansdorp

Research Interests:
Stem cell biology

Sabrina Leslie theme headshot
Sabrina Leslie

Research Interests:
DNA; single-molecule biophysics; biotechnology; fluorescence microscopy; nucleic acid interactions; nanoscale devices; instrumentation and innovation; oligonucleotide therapeutics; nanoparticle interactions and dynamics; confocal microscopy

Tim Murphy theme headshot
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Tim Murphy

Research Interests:
Structure-function of brain circuits in relation to stroke; CNS synaptic plasticity/physiology mesoscale level; automated mouse brain imaging and brain stimulation