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Created in 2017 through a partnership between the Faculties of Applied Science and Medicine, and enabled by the leadership of British Columbia’s provincial government, the School of Biomedical Engineering (SBME) is Canada’s living laboratory for new models of convergent research and education. Imagine a world in which biology and technology work seamlessly to transform medicine and healthcare for all. Read our strategic plan to find out how we’re making that world a reality, and learn about our founding values and mission.

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A Blueprint for the Future of Medicine

SBME is building a state-of-the-art facility that will provide students and faculty with a unique academic experience without technological or scientific boundary. A partnership between the Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Applied Science, SBME is a new flagship entity at UBC and a top strategic priority for the University and both Faculties. The vision of the School is to transform patient health and healthcare outcomes through unconstrained exploration of the best possible integrative solutions across engineering, medicine, and biology.

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The Road To Now




UBC establishes first MEng program in Clinical Engineering


UBC launches first official Biomedical Engineering program under Professor Ezra Kwok


UBC officially establishes MEng Biomedical Engineering Program


Dr. Antony Hodgson launches Engineers in Scrubs Program to give students hands-on experience with real-world health and healthcare challenges


Faculties of Medicine and Applied Science, with support from BC Government, launch SBME with Dr. Peter Zandstra as Founding Director


SBME completes and launches Strategic Plan for 2019-2023


SBME launches new brand. Design is finalized for SBME’s new state-of-the-art facility. Biomedical Research Centre dissolved and folded into SBME.


Projected Grand Opening of SBME’s new building on the Vancouver campus

Vancouver is Home

Welcome to Vancouver, BC, Canada’s third largest metropolitan area. With stunning vistas of mountains and ocean, and its myriad recreational opportunities, Vancouver is consistently rated as one of the top 10 livable cities in the world. It is also home to the largest hub for biomedical engineering and health science innovation in Canada. This collaborative and entrepreneurial ecosystem works to push medicine forward against the beautiful backdrop of the west coast. We dare you to find a prettier city.

UBC is one of Canada’s largest and most prestigious public research and teaching institutions and is home to over 58,000 undergraduate and 12,500 graduate students from all over the world. It is ranked among the world’s 50 best universities making a global impact and is top 10 in North America.

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Support the future of human health and healthcare

SBME’s research and education initiatives, as well as its community of world-class students, faculty and staff, are making an impact on health and healthcare right now, with programs tackling everything from the human microbiome to human interfacing devices to stem cell therapeutics. It is a blueprint for the future of medicine.

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