MASc Program


The Master of Applied Science (MASc) is a graduate-level study program that includes a research investigation and the writing of a thesis. Requirements for the MASc include satisfactory completion of 30 credits of graduate-level courses, original research under the supervision of a faculty member, and a thesis. The thesis is assigned 12 credits and is counted as part of the coursework requirement. A typical completion time for the MASc is 24 months and all students must complete the program within 5 years.

Students who must interrupt their studies for health or personal reasons, including childbirth and having primary responsibility for the care of a child, should apply for leave (see Leaves and Extensions).

Research Supervisory Committee

The program of each student is overseen by a committee of no fewer than 3 members, one of which is the the student’s supervisor. One of the committee members (not the supervisor) should be designated as the chairperson.

This committee is nominated by the student’s supervisor and approved by the program graduate advisor, within 8 months of the candidate’s registration in the program. The membership of the research committee may be altered during the program with the approval of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Meetings of the committee, at least annually, are to be scheduled by the student.

Course Registration

The MASc program requires completion of at least 30 credits beyond the Bachelor’s degree, of which a thesis counts for 12 credits. The combination of the thesis and 500-level courses must total no fewer than 24 credits. Only courses numbered 300 or above can be used for credit. Candidates must obtain a minimum of 68% in each course used for credit or at least 60% in no more than 6 credits of course work used for credit.


All research students are required to register in their relevant thesis course year round (for both winter/summer terms). The seminar course is mandatory and students must be registered in and attend all seminars for the entirety of their program.





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