Indigenous Engagement Committee

Our Mandate

The SBME Indigenous Engagement Committee has a mandate of fostering positive and constructive relationships with Canadian Indigenous people, seeking to increase enrollment of  Indigenous people in our grad and undergrad student cohorts, increase hiring of Indigenous  people in faculty and staff roles, make these environments welcoming and inclusive for  Indigenous people through structural changes to our classes, policies and faculty, staff and  student cultures and to lead efforts to indigenize our undergraduate and graduate curriculums.  

Our Priorities

UBC has articulated an Indigenous strategic plan and our community in SBME is passionate about decolonizing our curriculum and increasing the involvement and membership of Indigenous  people in our staff, faculty and student groups.  

The Committee shall prioritize the following goals: 

Establish an Indigenous advisory committee with and recruit members for this committee  from leadership of local Indigenous communities. The SBME Indigenous Engagement  Committee should consult with this advisory committee in their work on all below and  further objectives.  

Decolonize the SBME graduate and undergraduate curriculums. 

Establish an internship program that allows Indigenous youth to spend time in SBME  laboratories and working with SBME faculty, graduate students and staff. 

Increase the number of Indigenous people in SBME faculty, staff and student cohorts.

Educate the SBME community about the UBC Indigenous Strategic Plan and the initiatives  of the SBME and APSC Indigenous engagement committees.