Undergraduate Program Entry & Curriculum


First Year

Our biomedical engineering undergraduate program is composed of dedicated classes in 2nd through 4th year as well as specialized courses in first year accessed through the Pre-Biomedical Engineering Standardized Timetable (PBME STT). Only students admitted to the BASC program at UBC will be invited to submit a supplementary form to gain permission to register in a PBME STT. Every year we receive more applications than we can accommodate, so put your best foot forward!

Second Year

At the end of first year, engineering students are asked to submit an online Program Preference Form indicating the departments in which they are most interested. Program placement is based on academic performance and is very competitive. The GPA cut-off for admission changes from year to year. Students are admitted through a broad-based admission process. We are looking for students with proven academic track records who will actively contribute to the SBME community. As well as meeting the minimum academic requirements for admission, broad-based considerations also include a students’ unique life experience, their non-academic backgrounds and hobbies, and especially their passion for the field.


As you progress through your degree you can begin to customize your learning experience toward the specific specialization that interests you the most. This means you get learning experience across a broad spectrum of topics while delving deep into the subject of your choosing. These specializations are broad and interdisciplinary, and this specialization model allows you to truly customize your Biomedical Engineering degree to your interests.


Students who wish to transfer into Biomedical Engineering should contact Applied Science Engineering Academic Services.

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