Human Interfacing Devices

About the theme

Welcome to the frontier of MedTech. From therapeutic delivery systems and nanodevices to bionics and bio-sensors, this theme is where we get to make technology speak to human biology.

Faculty in Human Interfacing Devices

Core Faculty
Calvin Kuo theme headshot
Calvin Kuo

Research Interests:
musculoskeletal modeling of traumatic brain injury; parameter identification; wearable sensors in concussion biomechanics; Bayesian filter for high rate human motion measurements.

Dena Shahriari themes headshot
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Dena Shahriari

Research Interests:
smart biomaterials; neuroal interfaces; biosensors; tissue regeneration; organ augmentation

Gabrielle Lam theme headshot
Gabrielle Lam

Research Interests:
tissue engineering; biomaterials and regenerative medicine; cross-disiplinary education; integrating experiential learning in course design; self-regulated and collaborative learning

Govind Kaigala themes headshot
Govind Kaigala

Research Interests:
microfluidics; lab-on-a-chip; liquid scanning probes; microscale assays; compartmentalization; molecular diagnostics; multi-omic tumour profiling; tumour heterogeneity; personalized medicine

Karen Cheung themes headshot
Karen Cheung

Research Interests:
diagnostic & therapeutic biomedical microsystems; dielectric spectroscopy for flow cytometry; implantable polymer-based microelectrode arrays; integrated cell culter systems

Manu Madhav theme headshot
Manu Madhav

Research Interests:
neural systems and behaviour; quantifying algorithms of neural computation; flexible neural encoding; electrophysiology; virtual reality; early detection of Alzheimer’s and other dementias

Myeong Jin Ju theme headshot
Myeong Jin Ju

Research Interests:
optical imaging; signal processing algorithms; OCT-based angiography and polarimetry; in vivo ocular imaging; Biomarkers for neurodegenerative diseases; ophthalmology

Negar Harandi theme headshot
Negar Harandi

Research Interests:
Biosignals and systems; curriculum design; accreditation; equity, diversity and inclusion; enhancing student learning through evidence-based educational interventions, and experiential learning.

Peter Cripton theme headshot
Peter Cripton

Research Interests:
biomechanics & prevention of spinal cord/column and brain injuries and hip fracture; cervical spine injury prevention in sports and transportation; helmet efficacy; helmet design

Rizhi Wang theme headshot
Rizhi Wang

Research Interests:
biomaterials; biomechanics; biomimetics

Robyn Newell theme headshot
Robyn Newell

Research Interests:
biomechanics; biomedical engineering design projects; integrating teaching strategies that include accessible, experiential, and student-driven learning

Tim Salcudean theme headshot
Tim Salcudean

Research Interests:
haptic interfaces; teleoperation and simulators; medical robotics; imaging and interfaces; optimization-based design

Associate Faculty
Anthony Chan theme headshot
Anthony Chan

Research Interests:
Assistive technology; Medical device development; Healthcare technology management

Brian Kwon theme headshot
Brian Kwon

Research Interests:
Spinal cord injuries; neuroprotection; biomarkers in acute SCI; implantable sensors in SCI; hemodynamic management in SCI; spinal surgery

Dana Grecov theme headshot
Dana Grecov

Research Interests:
Liquid crystals and nanomaterials; cellulose nanocrystals; biofluid mechanics; non-Newtonian fluid mechanics; computational fluid dynamics; rheology and tribology

David Wilson theme headshot
David Wilson

Research Interests:
Hip, knee and spine mechanics; causes and treatments of osteoarthritis; medical imaging and medical image processing; orthopaedic sports medicine

Jane Z. Wang theme headshot
Jane Z. Wang

Research Interests:
signal/image/video processing; machine learning; biomedical image analysis; digital media security and forensics; brain data analytics

John Madden theme headshot
John Madden

Research Interests:
Artificial muscle and application to medical devices

Kenichi Takahata theme headshot
Kenichi Takahata

Research Interests:
Micro/nanofabrication; micromachined sensors and actuators; medical MEMS; nanotechnology; microplasma control; wireless drug delivery chips; smart stents

Lyndia Wu theme headshot
Lyndia Wu

Research Interests:
Sensing and data analytics to study biomechanics; brain injury or concussion biomechanics; sensing

Machiel Van der Loos theme headshot
Machiel Van der Loos

Research Interests:
Development of mechatronic exercise systems for movement therapy and diagnostic technologies for improved sleep quality; research into human-robot interaction

Matthias Görges theme headshot
Matthias Görges

Research Interests:
Digital health; Predictive analytics

Mattia Bacca theme headshot
Mattia Bacca

Research Interests:
Mechanics of functional materials

Mu Chiao theme headshot
Mu Chiao

Research Interests:
Micro-energy sources

Peyman Servati theme headshot
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Peyman Servati

Research Interests:
Low-cost and flexible photovoltaic (PV) devices