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Research & Innovation

With access to cutting-edge technology, talent, government funding, and institutional and hospital partners, we offer a wide array of opportunities to collaborate and contribute. From active laboratories and cross-disciplinary research clusters to the SBME Innovates, we are looking to build exciting partnerships that push medicine forward.

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talent engagement

Through co-ops, internships, capstone project initiatives and innovative programming, engage with the next generation of Biomedical Engineers. These opportunities give industry partners the chance to solve current problems, develop new products, and meet high-potential job candidates.

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Community Involvement

First and foremost, SBME is a community. We are a hub for the entire BC Life Sciences ecosystem to meet, network, share ideas, and lead the changing world of health and healthcare. Come be a part of our entire events programming that includes symposia, workshops, seminars, networking events, and an active Industry Advisory Committee.

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Partnering for impact

Our partnership programming brings industry, students and clinicians together all under one roof.

What you see below is just the tip of the iceberg. We’re always open to building out our program offerings.

Let’s explore how we can help move your organization forward. Browse the programs below or get in touch with our team.

UBC Micro-certificate in Innovation Leadership: Medical & Bio-innovations

Driving innovation in Canada’s biotech and life sciences sectors requires a complex and specialized skill set. The UBC Micro-certificate in Innovation Leadership: Medical & Bio-innovations equips you with the practical, legal and strategic skills needed to bring technological and scientific innovations to market successfully. Learn from a diverse panel of industry experts and gain relevant, in-demand skills that you can apply immediately in your professional role or organization.