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Undergraduate Program Overview

Build a strong foundation in engineering, biology, math, chemistry, and design.

You’ll take a series of core courses designed to prepare you for the depth and breadth of Biomedical Engineering. In your third year of study, you’ll specialize in one of four learning streams. The curriculum includes traditional, online, and mixed-instruction courses, plus hands-on studio, laboratory, and design work.

Current Students Program Requirements Pre-Biomedical Engineering Standard Timetable (PBME STT)

Graduate Program Overview

Choose from our three programs to further your degree in Biomedical Engineering.

Our innovative programs emphasize a balance of biomedical engineering and life science study with a focus on clinical and industrial application. You’ll have the opportunity to work directly with clinical, research and industry leaders as you begin building your career.

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Professional Development + Engagement

Learn outside of the classroom. Make valuable connections in industry and academia, learn about cutting edge research and gain valuable experience and skills that will give you a competitive edge through our professional development programs. SBME has a wide variety of programs that will help you broaden your skills and experience. Find out more about the programs, including Propels, Co-op, Synergy, Research Seminars, Invited Speaker seminars, Computer Programming Bootcamp Course, Industry Night, Symposium, Programming Resources.

Professional Development + Engagement

UBC Micro-certificate in Innovation Leadership: Medical & Bio-innovations

Driving innovation in Canada’s biotech and life sciences sectors requires a complex and specialized skill set. The UBC Micro-certificate in Innovation Leadership: Medical & Bio-innovations equips you with the practical, legal and strategic skills needed to bring technological and scientific innovations to market successfully. Learn from a diverse panel of industry experts and gain relevant, in-demand skills that you can apply immediately in your professional role or organization.

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