Industry Advisory Committee

Shaping Biomedical Engineering

The Industry Advisory Committee (IAC) provides guidance that helps to aligns our education programs with the needs and trends of industry. It also provides a forum for discussion on our research and translation strategy. With a vested interest in shaping the skills and capabilities of biomedical engineers, researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs, the IAC’s members are wealth of expertise and experience. Meet them below.

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Meet the members of our IAC
Allyson Tighe Bubble Headshot
Allyson Tighe | Co-Chair

Co-Founder and Investor

Amplitude Ventures

Nick Allan Bubble Headshot
Nick Allan | Co-Chair

Bio Services Manager

StarFish Medical

Agnieszka Kielczewska Bubble Headshot
Agnieszka Kielczewska

Principal Scientist

Amgen BC

Cam Stuart Bubble Headshot
Cam Stuart

Design Engineer

Arc’teryx Equipment

Danielle Walker Bubble Headshot
Danielle Walker

Partnerships Manager


Fiona Fitzgerald Bubble Headshot
Fiona Fitzgerald

Commercial Leader, Nucleic Acid Therapeutics


Govind Kaigala bubble headshot
Govind Kaigala

Director of Partnerships and Community Engagement

Associate Professor, SBME

Heidi Sharipov Bubble Headshot
Heidi Sharipov

Sr R&D Biomedical Engineer

Canary Medical

Janet Teasdale
Janet Teasdale

Senior Director, Talent Development


Jonathon Jafari
Jonathon Jafari

Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer; Lead Entrepreneur in Residence: Human Health Ventures Studio

Mesintel Therapeutics & e@UBC

Kamran Alam headshot
Kamran Alam

Executive Vice President, Finance & CFO at Notch Therapeutics

Notch Therapeutics

Peter Zandstra Bubble Headshot
Peter Zandstra

Director & Professor | SBME

Founder | Notch Therapeutics

Rakesh (Rick) Sethi Bubble Headshot
Rakesh (Rick) Sethi

Director, Research & Technology | Patient Monitoring


Samuel Clarke Bubble Headshot
Samuel Clarke

Director, Research & Development

Precision Nanosystems

Sharon Louis Bubble Headshot
Sharon Louis

Senior Vice President, Research and Development


Stefan Avall headshot
Stefan Avall

Director, Product Management


Tehmina Masud bubble headshot
Tehmina Masud

Senior Director & Head of Target Identification

Deep Genomics

Vikram Dendi Bubble Headshot
Vikram Dendi

Chief Product Officer/GM

Microsoft Research and Incubations; Healthcare

Wendy Hurlburt headshot
Wendy Hurlburt

President and CEO

Life Sciences British Columbia