PhD Rotation

Laboratory Rotations

Each selected student will need to identify (and confirm the agreement of) three supervisors for their rotations prior to the start of their program. After receiving the admission offer, you should begin contacting faculty members in the School of Biomedical Engineering whose research is of interest to you regarding your lab rotations. Rotation students can do rotations in the laboratories of both core Faculty as well as Associate Members in the School of Biomedical Engineering. Your name will also be circulated among the faculty in the School informing them that you have been selected for the Rotation Program. You may be contacted by one of these faculty members regarding a rotation position in their laboratory.

SBME Faculty

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Coursework for PhD rotation students varies depending on the student. Students who enter the PhD Program with a degree equivalent to a Master of Applied Science in Biomedical Engineering may receive permission from the SBME Graduate Advisor to take fewer courses. These students typically complete their coursework over their first year of study and then transfer to the PhD program for September 1 after their first year (transfer must be undertaken before 2 years of graduate studies is complete, and can only be done at the beginning of a term). Students entering the rotation program directly from a Bachelor’s degree will need to complete the MASc plus the PhD coursework.

Course Requirements

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Rotation Reports

After each Rotation, students must submit a rotation report to update the program on their progress. This report is an opportunity for both the student and supervisor to reflect on the rotation student’s time in the lab and see if objectives were met and progress was made.

Rotation Report

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At the end of the rotation period, you are expected to secure a thesis supervisor. Once you have confirmed a PhD thesis supervisor and completed your courses, you will transfer to the PhD program.

September Intake Timeline


Secure Lab Rotation Supervisors

April-August (prior to program start)

Lab Rotation 1:

September 1 – November 30

Report Due:

December 7

Lab Rotation 2:

January 1 – March 31

Report Due:

April 7

Lab Rotation 3:

May 1 – July 31

Report Due:

August 7

Lab Rotation Selection Deadline:

August 15


September 1