Safe Facitilties. Safe Workspaces. Safe Culture.

Multi-scale climate advocacy. Social responsibility. Future-building. Inclusive and collaborative.

Welcome to SBME Sustainability.

Terms of Reference


Introducing our Inaugural Committee:

Jessica Yu (she/her/hers), Co-Chair and Staff Rep
William Yip (he/him/his), Co-Chair and Graduate Student Rep
Abdul Muntakim Rafi, Graduate Student Rep
Adel Yavarinasab
, Graduate Student Rep
Ammar Hatem, Secretary and Undergraduate Student Rep
Calvin Kuo
(he/him/his), Faculty Rep
Carla Zimmerman
(she/her/hers), Staff Rep
Laia Shpeller (she/her/hers), Undergraduate Student Rep
Raquel De Souza
(she/her/hers), Staff Rep
Shaunti Bains, Undergraduate Student Rep


The SBME Sustainability Committee will prioritize the following goals:

  • Ensure our sustainability projects align with the UBC Climate Action Plan.
  • Integrate opportunities to learn about and enact sustainability principles within the academic curriculum, in learning and teaching spaces, and in day-to-day operations.
  • Promote opportunities to engage SBME community members in team-based sustainability endeavours.
  • Implement strategies to:
    reduce energy consumption, water, waste, and greenhouse gas emissions;
    promote sustainable food, recycling, and purchasing; and
    encourage greener modes of transportation to and from campus.
    Gather data on SBME operations to monitor progress on sustainability initiatives and policies.