PhD Final Exam

Departmental Exam


The purpose of the departmental exam is to obtain department approval of the thesis for submission of the external examiner of the Final Oral Defense.

There is no official meeting for the internal defense prior to the university examination. Instead, 2 committee members (not the supervisor) must read the full thesis and provide edited versions to the student and the supervisor, and sign for approval to send thesis to external exam. The 3rd committee member will read the thesis for the university exam.

When the student is ready for his/her thesis to be read by committee members, he/she must contact with the following information:

  • Names of the two committee members who will be reading the full thesis and providing feedback
  • Supervisor Name
  • Name of 3rd committee member who will read thesis for university exam
  • Dissertation Title

SBME Student Services will provide the internal approval form to the committee members for their signature. Student Services will also prepare the department approval form for signatures and submission to G+PS.

Exam Committee

The exam committee normally consists of the 2 members of the the supervisory committee.

Final Oral Defense

The School of Biomedical Engineering follows the Faculty of Graduate Studies guidelines for the Final Oral Defense.
Please review these guidelines.

Thesis Submission

Each candidate must follow the instructions available on the Faculty of Graduate Studies sites:
Final Doctoral Examination
Final Dissertation Thesis Submission
Graduation Program Completion
Current Students – Graduation