Imaging and Computational Biology

About the theme

Learn more about the fascinating discoveries that are being made by using advanced analytics to make connections between different types of biomedical data, ranging in scale from cellular to whole body. The impact of this technology on human health will be immense, and we hope to see applications such as virtual biopsies using non-invasive imaging in the coming years. SBME’s faculty members in the Imaging and Computational Biology have complementary technical and clinical expertise, and just as importantly, an interdisciplinary culture to take novel technology from new invention to clinical deployment. SBME graduates in this theme will find themselves well-prepared for a broad range of career opportunities in a field with rapidly growing demand.

Faculty in Imaging and Computational Biology

Core Faculty
Ali Bashashati theme headshot
Ali Bashashati

Research Interests:
machine learning; statistical & signal processing algorithms; software infrastructure for combined ‘omics & imaging data sources; cancer treatment stratification

Carl de Boer theme headshot
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Carl de Boer

Research Interests:
gene regulation; synthetic genomics; autoimmunity; heart disease; machine learning; cancer; complex disease genetics; evolution; personalized medicine

Carolina Tropini theme headshot
Carolina Tropini

Research Interests:
human gut microbiome; response of microbial communities to perturbations during disease; imaging; microfluidics; computational techniques; inflammatory bowel diseaese

David Liu theme headshot
David Liu

Research Interests:
interventional radiology for oncology; non-invasive imaging; inferior vena cava filter management; advanced management of blood clots

Kurt Haas theme headshot
Kurt Haas

Research Interests:
imaging of structural & functional plasticity in the developing brain; growth and formation of dysfunctional neural networks; autism; schizophrenia; epilepsy

Manu Madhav theme headshot
Manu Madhav

Research Interests:
neural systems and behaviour; quantifying algorithms of neural computation; flexible neural encoding; electrophysiology; virtual reality; early detection of Alzheimer’s and other dementias

Myeong Jin Ju theme headshot
Myeong Jin Ju

Research Interests:
optical imaging; signal processing algorithms; OCT-based angiography and polarimetry; in vivo ocular imaging; Biomarkers for neurodegenerative diseases; ophthalmology

Negar Harandi theme headshot
Negar Harandi

Research Interests:
Biosignals and systems; curriculum design; accreditation; equity, diversity and inclusion; enhancing student learning through evidence-based educational interventions, and experiential learning.

Nozomu Yachie theme headshot
Nozomu Yachie

Research Interests:
genome editing; cell engineering; mouse genetics; high-performance computing to trace molecular & cellular dynamics in high-resolution; DNA event recording; cell lineage tracing; stem cell; synthetic biology

Peter Zandstra theme headshot
Peter Zandstra

Research Interests:
multi-scale modelling of complex biology; synthetic stem cells & regenerative medicine; synthetic niches to control stem cell fate; new therapies for blood diseases

Roger Tam theme headshot
Roger Tam

Research Interests:
medical imaging; imaging biomarkers; machine learning; clinical prediction; quantitative image analysis

Tim Salcudean theme headshot
Tim Salcudean

Research Interests:
haptic interfaces; teleoperation and simulators; medical robotics; imaging and interfaces; optimization-based design

Associate Faculty
Agnes d'Entremont theme headshot
Agnes d’Entremont

Research Interests:
Adaptive & predictive control; control of distributed parameters systems; advanced process control; applications of wavelet analysis; biomedical applications

Alexander Weber theme headshot
Alexander Weber

Research Interests:
Non-invasive imaging for brain to study health and disease; MRI; insults, injuries and diseases of the brain; multimodal imaging techniques

Antony Hodgson theme headshot
Antony Hodgson

Research Interests:
Computer-assisted orthopedic surgery; real-time 3D ultrasound imaging; mini-robotic devices and simulations for surgical accuracy & effficiency; human eye model for sensorimotor studies

Arman Rahmim theme headshot
Arman Rahmim

Research Interests:
Improved cancer diagnosis; prognosis & radiotherapy by quantifying how radiopharmaceuticals target cancer cells; machine learning; radiomics; theranostics

Brian Kwon theme headshot
Brian Kwon

Research Interests:
Spinal cord injuries; neuroprotection; biomarkers in acute SCI; implantable sensors in SCI; hemodynamic management in SCI; spinal surgery

Fidel Vila-Rodriquez theme headshot
Fidel Vila-Rodriquez

Research Interests:
Clinical applications of Non-Invasive Neurostimulation Therapies (NINETs)

Guy Dumont theme headshot
Guy Dumont

Research Interests:
Orthopaedic biomechanics; human joint kinematics; magnetic resonance imaging of the musculoskeletal system; pediatric orthopedics

Hongshen Ma theme headshot
Hongshen Ma

Research Interests:
Microfabrication; single cell sequencing and image cytometry; technologies to evaluate blood quality; test immune cell function; personalize cancer therapies and expedite antimalarial drug development

Ilker Hacihaliloglu theme headshot
Ilker Hacihaliloglu

Research Interests:
Artificial intelligence (AI); traumatic brain injury; brain health; chronic disease; liver and lung disease; endometriosis

Jane Z. Wang theme headshot
Jane Z. Wang

Research Interests:
signal/image/video processing; machine learning; biomedical image analysis; digital media security and forensics; brain data analytics

Leah Edelstein-Keshet theme headshot
Leah Edelstein-Keshet

Research Interests:
Mathematics-based study of autoimmune diseases and Alzheimer’s disease

Mark Cembrowski theme headshot
Mark Cembrowski

Research Interests:
Anxiety Genetics; Modeling; Neural circuits; Neuroscience; Neuroscience of memory; PTSD; RNAseq

Matthias Görges theme headshot
Matthias Görges

Research Interests:
Digital health; Predictive analytics

Purang Abolmaesumi theme headshot
Purang Abolmaesumi

Research Interests:
Biomedical Engineering with emphasis on computer-assisted surgery

Rafeef Garbi theme headshot
Rafeef Garbi

Research Interests:
Visual computing in biomedical imaging; computational techniques for efficient

Robert Rohling theme headshot
Robert Rohling

Research Interests:
New acquisition techniques for 2D and 3D ultrasound

Sabrina Leslie theme headshot
Sabrina Leslie

Research Interests:
DNA; single-molecule biophysics; biotechnology; fluorescence microscopy; nucleic acid interactions; nanoscale devices; instrumentation and innovation; oligonucleotide therapeutics; nanoparticle interactions and dynamics; confocal microscopy

Shuo Tang theme headshot
Shuo Tang

Research Interests:

Sid Fels themes headshot
Sid Fels

Research Interest:
Human computer interaction

Thalia Field theme headshot
Thalia Field

Research Interests:
Clinical trial process improvement

Tim Lee theme headshot
Tim Lee

Research Interests:
Early detection of skin cancer

Vesna Sossi theme headshot
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Vesna Sossi

Research Interests:
Algorithm and instrumentation development; multi-modal imaging analysis in Parkinson’s disease