Professor, Dept of Electrical & Computer Engineering

(604) 822-2336


Research Theme:

Research Interests:

Orthopaedic biomechanics; human joint kinematics; magnetic resonance imaging of the musculoskeletal system; pediatric orthopedics


Dr. Dumont’s current research interests are: adaptive control, distributed parameter system control, control loop performance monitoring, predictive control, with applications to the process industries, mainly pulp and paper. Recently, he has expanded his interests to biomedical engineering, particularly to biomedical signal processing and automatic drug delivery.

Dr. Dumont also co-directs the Electrical and Computer Engineering in Medicine (ECEM). This is a multidisciplinary team made up of control, signal processing and biomedical engineers, computer scientists, and clinicians. The team’s diversity in expertise allows them to contribute to a wide range of innovative projects; they are primarily focused, however, on the development of technology to enhance clinical and ambulatory physiological monitoring. They do so through the application of advanced signal processing and control theory.