Innovation Leadership: Medical and Bio-Innovations

About the UBC Micro-certificate

Driving innovation in the life sciences and biotech sectors requires a complex set of specialized skills and expertise. In addition to scientific and technological knowledge, professionals need a deep understanding of patient needs and the ability to implement intellectual property strategies that effectively protect and leverage innovations.

The UBC Micro-certificate in Innovation Leadership: Medical and Bio-Innovations is a part-time blended program that addresses the gap between scientific and technological innovations and the practical, legal, and strategic skills needed to bring these innovations to market successfully. It was developed by UBC & School of Biomedical Engineering (SBME), with critical insights from SBME’s Industry Advisory Committee.

Key Details

Featuring instruction and insights from a diverse panel of industry experts and real-world learning experiences, this program offers a holistic approach to innovation management. Learn to identify and address unmet medical needs and leverage intellectual property strategies tailored to Canada’s bioeconomy and the global healthcare landscape.

Format: Blended

Duration: Two courses of ten weeks each, approximately 50 hours total

Cost: $1,250 per course, $2,500 for the program (Canadians and permanent residents); $2,500 per course, $5,000 for the program (international students)

Next start date: Oct 2024

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Information Session – June 26

Join our information session to learn about the UBC Micro-certificate in Innovation Leadership: Medical and Bio-Innovations, an exciting new program developed by the UBC School of Biomedical Engineering.


Program Details

What this program offers

The UBC Micro-certificate in Innovation Leadership: Medical and Bio-Innovations equips you with the specialized skills to drive innovation in the healthcare, biotech and pharma sectors, with a focus on identifying and addressing unmet medical needs and effectively managing intellectual property.

This program operates at the intersection of the legal, technical and strategic domains. It offers an industry-relevant curriculum, access to leading experts, and practical skills to foster innovation that positively affects patient care and healthcare delivery.

With its roster of respected guest experts, the program delivers valuable professional perspectives and insights, as well as networking and collaboration opportunities that can further professional growth within BC’s life sciences sector.

By the end of this program, you will be able to:

• Identify and assess unmet patient needs within the healthcare market

• Develop strategies that effectively meet identified patient needs and integrate diverse stakeholder perspectives

• Navigate the regulatory and market landscapes that impact the development and implementation of healthcare solutions

• Understand the various types of intellectual property (IP) and how they can be protected and managed within the Canadian and global legal frameworks

• Master the patent filing and prosecution process, including how to successfully protect innovations

• Leverage IP as a strategic asset in business development, commercialization and negotiation processes

• Apply concepts in real-world scenarios, ensuring a strong connection between classroom learning and professional application

Who is this program for

This program is designed for professionals in healthcare, biotech, life sciences and pharmacy, as well as public health policy makers, advocates and researchers who seek to promote innovation in their sectors and understand how to leverage IP for business growth, patient needs and product development.

Our students come from a range of roles and sectors including:

• Entrepreneurs and start-up teams

• R&D managers and biotech professionals

• Healthcare and pharmaceutical professionals

• Personnel working in life sciences and biotech companies and organizations, including HR, technicians, marketing and sales reps, and account managers

• Policy makers and regulatory affairs specialists

• Public health advocates and researchers

• Academics, students, and researchers in STEM, engineering, and technology interested in impacting human health


For Canadians and permanent residents each course costs $1,250 and the total cost of the program is $2,500. For international students each course costs $2,500 and the total cost of the program is $5,000.

All fees are in Canadian dollars and subject to change. Fees are subject to GST where applicable. Fees may be paid by Visa®, Visa® Debit, Mastercard®, American Express®, money order or certified cheque.

For details on UBC’s payment policies, please see Refunds, Cancellations and Transfers.

Courses and dates

The program consists of two courses of 10 weeks each. Combined, the courses take 50-70 hours to complete.

You can take the courses on their own, in any order. However, to gain the most value from the program, we recommend taking the courses in succession. You must complete both courses to obtain your micro-certificate.

Course Name


Next Start Date

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Intellectual Property (IP) Strategy and Management (0404)


Oct 9, 2024


Unmet Needs in Healthcare: Strategy and Solutions (0405)

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How we deliver this program

This part-time blended program is instructor-supported and combines real-time online sessions, pre-recorded online classes, independent study and two in-person workshops. A central feature of this program is the guest lectures and Q&As by a diverse panel of leading industry experts.

In Week 10 of each course, you attend an in-person workshop on the UBC Vancouver campus instead of the online class. A virtual option using Zoom is available for the workshops so you can complete the program entirely online. These workshops include real-world case study assignments that offer you an opportunity to apply your knowledge and skills.

Outside of classes and workshops, you can access online materials on your own time. For each module, you can review readings, case studies, videos and podcasts, as well as contribute to an online discussion forum where you can apply your learning and connect with other students.

Meet your instructors

Our program instructors are experts with extensive industry experience along with renowned guest speakers specializing in the field.

Ali Ardakani, Founder and Managing Director at Novateur Ventures Inc., has over 20 years’ experience in managing life sciences companies and R&D projects from concept through to FDA approval.

Jon Jafari, MBA, MSc, is the Entrepreneur in Residence, Lead of the Human Health Venture Studio and Co-Founder and Chief Business Offers at Mesintel Therapeutics. He has over 20 years’ experience in biotech business development including multiple startups, publicly traded biotech companies, and multinational pharmaceutical companies.

Milica Vukmirovic, PhD, Founder and President of Move Venture Consulting, has more than 10 years’ experience in early-stage technology and venture development, focused on go-to-market strategies, technology sourcing, IP, licensing, and fundraising.

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