Associate Professor, Dept of Radiology and SBME



Research Theme:

Research Interests:

interventional radiology for oncology; non-invasive imaging; inferior vena cava filter management; advanced management of blood clots


Dr. David Liu is a Royal College Board-Certified Interventional Radiologist at the False Creek Health Centre. He is also an Interventional Radiologist at UBC and serves as a Radiology Consultant for the Canadian Armed Forces.

He received his Medical Doctorate (MD) from the University of Toronto in 1998 and completed his Radiology Residency from the University of British Columbia in 2003. He has his Fellowship in Interventional Radiology from the Northwestern University.

He has published work in several areas relating to venous health including: non-invasive imaging, inferior vena cava filter management, and the advanced management of blood clots. He has been featured in a number of publications worldwide including The British Medical Journal, Consumers Reports, Popular Science, and UBC Medicine Magazine. His most recent award includes the Young Investigator Award from the Canadian Association of Radiologists (CAR) in recognition of his research contributions.