Professor, SBME;
Director of Research, SBME


Research Theme:

Research Interests:

genome editing; cell engineering; mouse genetics; high-performance computing to trace molecular & cellular dynamics in high-resolution; DNA event recording; cell lineage tracing; stem cell; synthetic biology


The Yachie laboratory is developing “DNA event recording” technologies, by which high-resolution molecular and cellular information of individual cells in a multicellular organism can be progressively stored in cell-embedded synthetic “DNA tapes.” Thus, at the time of observation, such a system allows the readout of historical molecular and cellular information of many cells using high-throughput DNA sequencing. Harnessing genome editing, cell engineering, mouse genetics, and high-performance computing, Dr. Yachie and his research team aim to establish “Sense,” “Write,” “Store,” and “Read” technologies for the massive tracing of molecular and cellular dynamics in high-resolution.