Associate Professor, Michael Smith Laboratories and Dept of Physics & Astronomy



Research Theme:

Research Interests:

DNA; single-molecule biophysics; biotechnology; fluorescence microscopy; nucleic acid interactions; nanoscale devices; instrumentation and innovation; oligonucleotide therapeutics; nanoparticle interactions and dynamics; confocal microscopy


Dr. Leslie's academic training began in 1998 as an undergraduate at UBC, where she immersed herself in the Combined Honours Physics and Mathematics Program, graduating as a Canada Scholar and recipient of the CK Choi Presidential Award. In 2002, she moved to UC Berkeley as an NSERC fellow to pursue doctoral studies in optical and atomic physics. Under the guidance of Dr. Dan Stamper-Kurn, she pioneered imaging experiments of disorder-to-order transitions of atomic vapours held in optical traps. Her PhD work was published in top journals and provided her with extensive training in instrumentation, imaging, data analysis, and team-based science.