Bring Your Project to Life

Are you a clinician, patient, or other user of biomedical technology with an idea for an engineering design project?

The EiS program is specifically designed to put you in contact with the next generation of leaders in biomedical engineering who are looking to develop new and transformational therapies and devices.

EiS students come with a wealth of training and experience in engineering and biology experience and training ready to take your innovation from idea to impact, and explore what’s possible at the forefront of the field.

How It Works

After Submission

Once you have submitted your project proposal, EiS students will research each idea with your input and rank them using a formal process that considers the potential impact of each project, as well as the skills and priorities of each team, which may include entrepreneurial goals. Once projects are selected, each design team will work on a chosen idea under the mentorship and guidance of experienced professors, med-tech innovators, and business experts.

The Details

  • We are looking for outstanding clinical needs that may have engineering solutions
  • Initial project proposals are screened by the instructional team with the following in mind:
  • feasibility and scope within academic timeline
  • clarity of clinical problem
  • clinician engagement
  • We are happy to work with you to identify suitable project ideas
  • There will be two initial meetings (MedTech CAFÉs) with the class. If your project is selected, this will be followed by regular interaction with a single student team from December to April
  • Project Deadline




    Proposals collected from clinicians and screened by EiS instructors


    MedTech CAFÉ #1: Clinicians “pitch” their project proposals (~5 min for each project); students to do research

    ~Two weeks after first session

    MedTech CAFÉ #2: Students present their research back to project proposers for discussion

    Late October – November

    Project selection (clinicians notified of outcomes)

    November – April

    EiS team project design work

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