Professor, SBME
Co-Director, SBME Undergraduate Program


Research Theme:

Research Interests:

biomechanics & prevention of spinal cord/column and brain injuries and hip fracture; cervical spine injury prevention in sports and transportation; helmet efficacy; helmet design


Dr. Cripton’s research interests include impact biomechanics, injury prevention, spine, spinal cord and hip biomechanics, helmet and seat belt efficacy and sex-differences and pregnant occupant protection in motor vehicle collisions. In addition to developing a helmet to prevent spinal cord injuries during head first impacts in sports called the Pivot™ helmet, Dr. Cripton and colleagues perform research focused on preventing hip fractures. Other specific projects focus on preventing cervical spine injuries in automotive rollovers, mountain biking and diving, developing improved mechanical surrogates for injury experiments (i.e. crash test dummy necks and physical models of the spinal cord), and using advanced MRI imaging techniques to better understand seat belt efficacy.