Professor, Dept of Materials Engineering & SBME



Research Theme:

Research Interests:

biomaterials; biomechanics; biomimetics


Dr. Wang’s research interests encompass 3 main areas within materials engineering: biomaterials, biomechanics and biomimetics. His biomaterials research is focused on the surface and interfacial issues common to most biomaterials systems, with the aim of developing novel surface designs and processing techniques for metal implants. Research on wear mechanisms and wear mechanics of biomaterials are also underway. Research activities in biomechanics are built around the deformation and fracture mechanisms of bone family materials (i.e. bone and teeth) and their nanocomposite nature.

The goal is to generate a clear picture of how the structures, starting from nanometer scale, in such a natural biological material as bone are adapted to their complicated and dynamic mechanical functions. Biomimetics (also called bio-inspired materials design and processing) studies include the structure and formation processes of biologically formed materials focusing on the morphology, ultrastructure and mechanics of biological interfaces, based on which novel surface and interface design can be developed.