Second Year Placement

What is Second Year Placement?

At the end of first year, engineering students are asked to submit an online Program Preference Form indicating the departments in which they are most interested. Placement into most programs is very competitive and based on academic performance. The online form must be completed by May 15.

The GPA cut-off for admission changes from year to year. Students are admitted through a broad-based admission process. We seek students who will be both academically successful and an active contributor to our, and their, communities. Broad-based criteria are also assessed to determine final placements. We consider students’ unique life experiences, non-academic background, hobbies, motivation and passion, but all students must still meet a minimum academic performance standard.

2nd Year Preference Form

Priority Placement

Students who are registered in the PBME STT may be eligible for priority second year placement in BME. In order to qualify for priority placement, students who are in the PBME STT must meet the following conditions

1. Have a sessional average at the end of the Winter Session of 72% or higher
2. Be eligible for year 2 standing as determined by Engineering Student Services
3. Successful completion of CHEM 123* by May 15th
4. Successful completion of BMEG 101 and 102 by May 15th
5. Submit a second year program preference form and identify BME as your first choice. The form is released in March.
6. Students who complete the PBME STT but do not meet one of more of these conditions will still be considered for placement in BME through the normal competitive placement process.


Students entering 2nd year BME without completing first year pre-requisites

Students who enter 2nd year BME who are deficient in the following courses (or equivalents) will be required to pick up these courses in 2nd year:

  • CHEM 121*
  • CHEM 123*
  • Note that adding the above courses will increase the time required for students to complete the BMEG program. Students will need to meet with an advisor prior to registration.

    *CHEM 154 is not considered equivalent to CHEM 121 & 123

    Students coming in with APSC 101 and PHYS 159 do not need to take BMEG 101 and 102, but will need to take BMEG 200 during the summer prior to September to make up for the missing credit. This course is delivered entirely online and runs from July to August


    Appeals are handled by Engineering Student Services. Please scroll to the bottom of the placement page for information regarding Appeals for Reconsideration of 2nd Year Placement.