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A mentorship program designed to prepare students for the career of their choice

Program Overview

SBME’S Career Accelerator

Launched in partnership with STEMCELL Technologies and Advice to a Scientist in 2022, SBME’s Career Accelerator offers mentorship opportunities for our graduate students as they identify possible career options and learn how to transition into those careers following training.

SBME’s Career Accelerator seeks to support students as they build their professional network, explore career pathways, and develop communication and leadership skills. By providing high-quality mentoring opportunities that are tailored to students’ strengths and career goals, SBME hopes to promote students’ inclusion and equitable participation in their chosen career paths.

Exciting Expansion on the Horizon!

We are thrilled to announce that the SBME Career Accelerator is expanding! This year, we are in the process of collaborating with additional organizations to bring you more opportunities and a wider array of mentorship experiences across various sectors in biomedical engineering and beyond.

STEMCELL Technologies continues to be a pivotal partner in our mentorship journey. This year, we have extended the program’s reach by forging strategic partnerships with Lower Mainland Biomedical Engineering and Arbutus Medical.

Keep an Eye Out for Updates!

Our website will be updated periodically to reflect the new partnerships and the expanded opportunities available through the Career Accelerator program. We encourage you to revisit our page or subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed about the latest developments and additions to our mentorship program.

Time Commitment

SBME’S Career Accelerator is open to all graduate students in the School of Biomedical Engineering (e.g., MEng, Master’s, PhD). Students are required to commit to 45-minute meetings every month, and mentor-mentee pairs are expected to meet monthly during the program’s cycle (January to April). We encourage virtual meetings to increase accessibility, but pairs are welcome to meet in-person.

Application Process

Mentor Matching

Embark on Your Career Journey: Secure Your Spot Now!

The SBME Career Accelerator, with its limited availability each cycle, is an exclusive opportunity designed for our dedicated graduate students. We seek applicants who are genuinely committed to maximizing this unique mentorship experience, ensuring they leverage the wealth of knowledge and opportunities it presents. Here, your journey towards a fulfilling career in biomedical engineering takes flight, guided by seasoned professionals and a structured development plan.


Our mentors, originating from diverse expert domains within STEMCELL Technologies and beyond, generously invest their time and expertise to nurture the next generation of leaders in biomedical engineering. They’re not just guides but catalysts, ready to assist you in navigating through your career path with informed, strategic decisions.

SBME’s Career Accelerator will ensure mentorship opportunities are equitable for all trainees (regardless of sex, gender, ethnicity) by building a diverse pool of culturally-sensitive mentors and providing equity and mentorship training.

Your Role in This Journey

Your commitment is pivotal. Recognizing the substantial investment from our mentors, we anticipate a sincere commitment and high engagement level from you to respect and honor the time and resources being provided. This is a symbiotic journey, where your dedication meets our mentors’ expertise, crafting a pathway towards your career aspirations.

Strategizing Your Path with the IDP

The Individual Development Plan (IDP) isn’t merely a tool; it’s your roadmap in this journey. It aids in preparing you for your chosen career by establishing career goals and identifying skill gaps. Through the IDP, we ensure that mentors and students are matched where career goals align, creating a mutually beneficial learning experience. Your IDP will serve as a crucial communication tool, enabling both parties to set clear expectations and training outcomes. Ensure your IDP is thorough and reflective of your commitment to this journey. For more insights on crafting your IDP, please visit CIHR’s IDP Resource website.

Application Deadline: November 6th, 2023

Your application, particularly your Individual Development Plan (IDP), should reflect your dedication, foresight, and strategic approach towards your career development in biomedical engineering. Ensure your IDP is thorough, reflective, and indicative of your serious engagement with the program.

Program Timeline


Program Stage

Early November

Student recruitment


Mentor-mentee matched

Early January

Orientation and Program Kick-off event

Develop IDP goals and outcomes with mentors


Wrap-up event & Mentor feedback

Mentee completes self-evaluation and reviews outcomes with mentor

During the Program

Setting Goals

During your second meeting, you’ll review your IDP to set goals and develop plans towards your career(s) of choice. Through monthly check-ins, you’ll be able to assess progress and outcomes and set new goals. At the end of the program, SBME will ask mentors and mentees to reflect on their outcomes and evaluate success based on the goals laid out in the IDP.

Evaluations & Outcomes

With support from Advice to a Scientist (AtaS), trainees will participate in AtaS’s Exploring Science project. The project seeks to make a database of scientists and what trajectory they took in their career to get where they are (including any experiences that shaped their path!). Students will collect and build these roadmaps by interviewing their mentors, and will share these experiences through the Exploring Science database.

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Career Accelerator

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