2020 has been quite the year for our communities. With a global pandemic limiting what we are able to do in-person, there is a real need to fill the community- and culture-building vacuum.  

As we wrap up our first week of Term 1, we’d like to acknowledge and thank all of our amazing students, faculty, and staff for making our transition back a momentous one. Technology—and an immense effort in planning from the SBME Student Services team—gave us the opportunity to bridge the physical distance between us as we held our first-ever virtual Imagine Day on September 8th, 2020 to welcome our new and returning students. While we were not in the same spaces, we nonetheless saw our students unite over their passions for learning and biomedical engineering. Whether in Vancouver, Iran, Lebanon, or beyond, students got the chance to share their unique experiences and backgrounds (…and connect over rounds of Two Truths and a Lie). 

The SBME wishes all of our students the very best for the upcoming term. We know questions remain, and we are here for them as we continue to navigate the challenges and opportunities of remote learning.

The SBME is building out a program of virtual opportunities for the community to stay connected and collaborative. One of the biggest pieces of the student experience is building networks of colleagues and friends. Stay tuned. Stay connected.

Please keep in contact with us as you continue to learn, discover, invent, and translate.