This $1,500 award has been endowed by B.C. Medical Devices Association for a graduate student entering the School of Biomedical Engineering in the Faculties of Applied Science and Medicine. It is made on the recommendation of the Faculty in consultation with the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

Abdo Elhosary is working with SBME Associate Professor Dr. Guy Dumont. Elhosary’s current project is to develop a radar module that can detect and track heart and breathing rates—work that has also caught the attention of MITACs and Aberrant Designs.

Given Elhosary’s well-rounded resume—which includes co-hosting the How It’s Med podcast, working on telehealth campaigns for young adults, mentoring high school students, and co-founding the engineering design team MIST—this award is certainly fitting. The B.C. MEDTECH Graduate Award is granted to a student with an entrepreneurial spirit, an interest in the local biomedical engineering industry and demonstrated leadership and communication skills.

“It’s humbling to be the one recognized for projects I have worked on,” Elhosary admits, “partially because I have always thought of my projects as a massive team effort. If anything, I would like to dedicate the award to the colleagues, friends, and family who have supported me along the way.”

What’s next on the horizon for this SBME student? Abdo Elhosary hopes to grow the How It’s Med podcast over the next few years to create more connections in the medtech space and use as a platform to generate innovation and ideas. He also has ambitious goals to set up a network of medtech entrepreneurship in his home country of Egypt in the long term, but until then, Elhosary continues to balance his Masters project with his side passions in entrepreneurship and art.