Congratulations to Dr. Larissa Kraus, an incoming Postdoctoral Researcher with SBME Associate Faculty Member Dr. Mark Cembrowski’s lab, on winning the 2020 Walter Benjamin Fellowship.

Dr. Kraus will use this fellowship to support her current research on neurological disease, which she pursues in in collaboration with the Cembrowski lab and a team of Vancouver General Hospital’s neurosurgeons and neuropathologists. She hopes that her work will uncover novel mechanisms to treat neurological diseases—such as epilepsy—by identifying subpopulations of cells in healthy and diseased human brain tissue.

Before moving to Vancouver and joining the Cembrowski lab, Larissa completed her PhD in Berlin, Germany.

Join us in welcoming Larissa Kraus, and we look forward to seeing her pave the way for new, innovative, and impactful research with the Cembrowski lab.