They are what brings SBME’s vision for the future closer to reality. And the world is noticing.

So let’s start 2021 by celebrating some of the people who made waves in the latter months of 2020. Check out all their achievements below.

Priye Iworima

Canadian Student Health Research Forum Gold Award

Priye was recognized for her work in pursuit of a cure for type-1 diabetes with the CSHRF Gold Award. This award celebrates trainees across the nation based on their excellence in, and contributions to, healthcare research.

Get to know Priye in episode three of the SBME Interfaces Podcast here.

Dr. Matthias Görges

Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Scholar Award

Dr. Matthias Görges received the MSFHR Scholar Award to pursue his team’s research on using smartphones and artificial intelligence to proactively improve pain management for children having surgery.

As part of an inter-disciplinary team of engineers, computer scientists, and health care providers, Dr. Görges is involved in a wide range of projects focusing on the development and application of new technology, primarily in the pediatric anesthesia and intensive care spaces.

Dr. Mark Cembrowski

Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Scholar Award
Brain Canada Foundation Azrieli Future Leaders in Canadian Brain Research Grant

Dr. Mark Cembrowski received the MSFHR Scholar Award for his multi-disciplinary approach to understanding and therapeutically disrupting the neurobiological elements of fear memory. This research is novel, and Dr. Cembrowski’s ultimate goal is to guide a new generation of therapeutic approaches for preventing traumatic fear memory in humans.

Dr. Cembrowski was also awarded a Azrieli Future Leaders in Canadian Brain Research Grant to power his research in neuroscience.

Dr. David Liu

Dr. Liu has been recognized for his outstanding innovation and creativity with original work in continuing medical education and professional development.

Dr. Liu is SBME’s first clinical faculty member and has also been awarded the Young Investigator Award from the Canadian Association of Radiologists (CAR) in recognition of his research contributions.

Dr. Megan Levings

UBC Faculty of Medicine Award | Distinguished Achievement – Overall Excellence, Senior Faculty

Dr. Levings was celebrated by the Faculty of Medicine with a 2020 Overall Excellence Award for her merit and outstanding performance throughout the assessment year.

Dr. Megan Levings leads a team of innovative researchers who hope to develop Treg-based cellular therapy to replace standard immunosuppression drugs.

Dr. Pamela Hoodless

UBC Faculty of Medicine Award for Excellence in Mentoring Early Career Faculty

Dr. Hoodless’ longstanding commitment to mentorship earned her the Faculty of Medicine’s Award for Excellence in Mentoring Early Career Faculty. Dr. Hoodless dedicates her efforts across both her home department of Medical Genetics and the School of Biomedical Engineering.

Wilder Scott

Till & McCulloch Meetings Trainee Poster and Oral Presentation Award

Wilder is a graduate research assistant working with SBME’s Dr. Michael Underhill’s lab. He was presented with the Till & McCulloch Meetings’ award for his poster and talk in the Under the Microscope category. Wilder shared his work at the Underhill lab with clarity and represented the spirit of collaborative research with great clarity.

Congratulations to all recipients, and we can’t wait to see what waves you’ll make in the new year and beyond.