Are you looking for wet-lab space to help your venture grow? SBME Innovates, hosted by the University of British Columbia’s School of Biomedical Engineering, invites you to become part of a dynamic ecosystem of scientists, entrepreneurs, and innovators. Our mission is to catalyze innovation and collaboration, providing you with vital wet lab space and cutting-edge equipment to allow your venture to flourish. SBME Innovates is growing as well.

Growth and Expansion: The Next Chapter

With a successful track record of seven incubated ventures, SBME Innovates is on a mission to grow. Our target is to welcome an additional six ventures by the end of 2025, reinforcing our commitment to supporting the translation of health innovations in Vancouver—a sector burgeoning with potential yet constrained by limited wet-lab space for new startups. “The expansion of SBME Innovates is not just about scaling up; it’s about intensifying our impact on healthcare innovation,” reflects Sarah Fernando, Innovation and Translation Lead for the program. “We’re building a vibrant community where our research community and entrepreneurs can truly make a difference and impact human health.”

Empowering Ventures: Success Stories from Our Community

In the Fall of 2023, ScopeSys, an innovative startup born out of UBC’s Leslie Lab within the Michael Smith Labs and the Department of Physics and Astronomy, marked a significant milestone by securing inaugural space outside the lab. The space has provided a “home base” for the company to lay a strong foundation for its next steps in transitioning from a technical to independent and impactful enterprise. At the heart of ScopeSys’s innovation is its cutting-edge technology focused on advancing single-molecule analysis for a range of applications, including in genomic medicine. This technology promises to revolutionize how scientists observe and understand the molecular mechanisms of life, offering unprecedented insights into biological processes at the most granular level.

Under the leadership of Founder Sabrina Leslie, Engineering Lead Andree Wild, and support of Mitacs post-docs Dr. Albert Kamanzi and Dr. Ariadne Tuckmental-Bido, the team is on an expansion trajectory. With plans to include co-op students and leverage the expertise of remote software analysts/developers, ScopeSys is poised to further its mission of bringing transformative scientific discoveries to the broader biotechnological field.

Sabrina Leslie reflects on this journey: “Stepping out of the lab marks a significant yet challenging phase for our technology-driven company. We are immensely grateful for SBME’s support, which not only offers us a physical space but also plays a crucial role in attracting Operations and Business Leads. This support extends beyond mere infrastructure; it enhances our visibility within the biotechnology community and catalyzes our drive towards creating tangible social and economic impact.” Dr. Leslie’s insights offer a vivid glimpse into the transformative journey of ScopeSys, highlighting the pivotal role of SBME Innovates support system in their evolution. 

Dr. Ellie Rahmani, Founder and CEO of Canadian Nano Pharmaceutial (CNANO), attributes their swift progress to the SBME Innovates program: “Being part of the SBME network has been invaluable, providing us with resources and connections that have fueled our journey to success. In a remarkably short time, our presence at SBME has facilitated the acquisition of crucial licenses, propelling us onto the fast track toward production. It’s been an incredible acceleration.” This rapid advancement is particularly noteworthy considering CNANO’s focus on pioneering lipid-based sustained release transdermal nano drug delivery systems, marking a significant leap in pharmaceutical technologies.

The journeys of both ventures exemplify the transformative power of SBME Innovates, offering more than just lab space but a foundation for significant growth and community engagement.

Applications Open: Transform Your Venture with SBME Innovates

We are now accepting applications for the next cohort of SBME Innovates. Early-stage life science ventures looking to make a mark in the bioeconomy are encouraged to apply by April 2. Take this opportunity to join an incubator that offers more than just lab space—become part of a community that believes in the power of collaboration, innovation, and real-world impact.

About SBME Innovates:

SBME Innovates is a wet-lab incubator for early-stage life sciences ventures on their path to market viability. We host ventures for 6-24 months, providing access to dedicated wet laboratory space, equipment, and building services. This residency also connects ventures with the SBME community while giving them access to SBME communications channels to help bring awareness to their work.

Contact Us: If you’re envisioning a future where your venture contributes to the next wave of healthcare solutions, SBME Innovates is your launchpad. For more details on our program and how to apply, please reach out to the SBME Partnerships Team at

About ScopeSys: For more detailed information about ScopeSys and its technology, visit ScopeSys’s official website.

About CNANO: For more in-depth information about CNANO and its nano-pharmaceutical technology, please visit CNANO’s official website.