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The School of Biomedical Engineering (SBME) Sequencing Core (formerly BRC-Seq) is dedicated to providing Single-Cell and Next-Generation Sequencing Services and training to the Research Community. We work collaboratively with the Michael Smith Genome Sciences Center and the Michael Smith Laboratories, and are located at the Biomedical Research Center at UBC.

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Services Available

Quality Control

  • Illumina library qPCR quantification
  • Agilent Bioanalyzer & TapeStation DNA & RNA sizing & quality assays
    Next Generation Sequencing Library Prep

  • mRNA Seq & Ribodepletion prep available
  • DNA prep
    10x Genomics Single Cell Prep

    Illumina NextSeq2000 Sequencing runs

    Bioinformatic Analysis

    Turnaround time is ~ 3 – 4 weeks, depending on request.
    Please expect 3-5 days for QC results.

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    How Do I Submit My Samples?

    Bulk RNA Seq

    For mRNA-seq we charge $250 CAD/sample which gets you library prep, sequencing 20 million paired end reads, alignment/DE analysis. After the first 12 samples, we give $60 batch discount/sample. You will also want to include $12/sample for Quality Control.

    We will need at least 10ng Total RNA but guarantee samples over 50ng and prefer 100s of ng. Fill out our submission sheet when ready by clicking here.

    Please bring samples by in well-labeled 1.5mL tubes
    (do not just label them 1, 2, 3 or A, B, C).

    Our address is 2222 Health Sciences Mall, UBC, V6T 1Z3 room 300. You can have them delivered, bring them to us, or leave the samples in our -20 drop freezer in the lobby.

    10x Single Cell Capture

    Pricing is $3,300 CAD for the first sample capture and prep and this can be from 500-20,000 cells. For every other reaction prepped at the same time it is discounted to $2,900 CAD. Sequencing costs are 0.15-1.50/cell and is project dependent based on the transcriptional activity of the cells and sensitivity needed. We generally start with the lower sequencing depth as we can always go back and sequence deeper as needed.

    Please bring 2x the number of cells you hope to capture per 40ul, since the capture efficiency is ~65%. If possible please bring enough for multiple captures in case of error, and concentrate cells to achieve a cell stock concentration of ~700-1200 cells/ul (Cell Recovery Target of 500-10,000 cells) or ~1,300-1,600 cells/ul (Cell Recovery Target of 10,000-20,000 cells). Cells should be on ice, clean of debris, and have high viability (aim for 70-90%). Regarding Buffers for sample preparation: we recommend using 1X PBS (calcium and magnesium-free) containing 0.04% weight/volume BSA (400 μg/ml) for washing and resuspension. They can be left in saponin free, <0.1mM EDTA, <3mM Magnesium buffer or media that they are most happy. To help ensure your guarantee please provide brightfield or countess haemocytometer image of cells with live/dead stain. Please provide us cell number, unique id, reference genome/organism of choice, and any other relevant details and we will take it from there! To minimize changes to the transcriptome, once the cells are washed and counted, single-cell suspensions should be stored on ice until they are used in partitioning and library construction. Ideally, once samples are prepared, they should be utilized for downstream steps within 30 minutes. For more information or to see protocols such as methanol fixing and nuclei sequencing visit:

    Tips and tricks for sample preparation: Useful information including Pipetting Technique and Tip Choice

    Contact Us

    SBME Sequencing Facility Staff

    Facility Manager:
    Tara Stach (

    Assistant Lab Manager:
    Yvonne Chung (

    Sequencing Technician:
    Stephen Yu (

    Sequencing Bioinformatician:
    Bernie Zhao (

    Our Address

    The Biomedical Research Centre
    2222 Health Sciences Mall, Room 300
    Vancouver, BC Canada V6T 1Z3

    Other Useful Contacts

    Illumina Technical Support:

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