UBC’s School of Biomedical Engineering (SBME) is excited to announce the launch of applications for SBME Innovates, our dynamic incubation hub tailored for early-stage life sciences ventures at UBC. SBME Innovates provides cutting-edge wet laboratory space, top-tier equipment, and invaluable community and industry connections.

The impact of SBME Innovates is best illustrated by the success stories of ventures like Sarana Bioscience and Arrowsmith Genetics. Sarana Bioscience, founded by UBC alumnus Clint Young, found itself searching for lab space in January 2022. Their breakthrough came in April 2023 when they secured a spot through the Amgen Golden Ticket at SBME Innovates.

SBME Innovates offers more than just space; it’s a dedicated and supportive environment for ventures like Sarana to test groundbreaking ideas. Young emphasizes, “The incubator has given Sarana the opportunity to generate novel cancer treatments.”

Beyond physical infrastructure, SBME Innovates fosters a vibrant community of scientists and entrepreneurs, fueling innovation and collaboration. Young notes,”It has helped foster innovation and collaboration through the community at SBME.” For Sarana, SBME Innovates catalyzed their mission to advance personalized medicines in oncology.

Similarly, Nigel O’Neil, Chief Scientific Officer of Arrowsmith Genetics shared his experience, highlighting the challenges early-stage companies face in finding fully equipped lab space in Vancouver. He emphasized, “We had outgrown our academic space, and the Amgen Golden Ticket at SBME Innovates provided Arrowsmith Genetics with the essential space and cutting-edge equipment needed to advance our small molecule testing.” 

Moreover, the incubator acted as a catalyst for valuable collaborations, attracting investments, and connecting with the local entrepreneur ecosystem. Nigel expressed his heartfelt gratitude, stating, “We are very grateful to the Amgen Golden Ticket and SBME Innovates for the opportunity to fast-track the growth of Arrowsmith Genetics.”

Why SBME Innovates: “Biomedical Engineering thrives on innovation and entrepreneurship,” affirms Dr. Peter Zandstra, SBME’s Director and recipient of Life Sciences BC’s inaugural scientific entrepreneurship award. He expresses his enthusiasm for the opportunities SBME Innovates brings to emerging ventures within Vancouver’s Life Sciences sector, noting, “I am excited about the possibilities this space will offer to budding ventures.” Dr. Zandstra is eager to witness the incubator nurture and catalyze the entrepreneurial spirit in this thriving ecosystem.

If your venture is driven by cutting-edge research and seeks the support necessary to translate it into real-world impact, this is your opportunity. Applications for SBME Innovates are currently open and will be accepted until November 2. Join us, and let SBME Innovates become your strategic partner in navigating the path to commercialization.

About SBME Innovates:
SBME Innovates is an incubation hub for early-stage life sciences ventures on their path to market viability. We host ventures for 6-24 months, providing access to dedicated wet laboratory space, equipment, and building services, free of charge. This residency also connects ventures with the SBME community while giving them access to SBME communications channels to help bring awareness to their work.

Contact Us:
If you have any questions or need further information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the SBME Partnerships Team at partnerships@sbme.ubc.ca.