Advanced Genomics and Genome Engineering Workshop

Designing exoskeletons to enhance human mobility

Exoskeletons and active prosthetic limbs could improve mobility for hundreds of millions of people, but two serious challenges must first be overcome: we need ways of identifying what a device should do to benefit an individual user, and we need cheap, efficient hardware that can do it.

Research Seminar: Dr. Steve Collins


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Advanced Genomics and Genome Engineering Workshop

September 8 @ 10:30 am - 4:30 pm PDT

Join our Advanced Genomics and Genome Engineering workshop for a series of talks from visiting professors Mikiko Siomi from the University of Tokyo, Haruhiko Siomi from Keio University, Hiroshi Ochiai from Kyushu University, and our very own UBC staff and researchers.
This session will focus on Advanced Genomics and Genome Engineering research. Specifically, there will be a series of talks presented on a variety of different topics. See the list below for the talk titles and presenters:

    • “Transcriptional memory and dynamics in embryonic stem cells” – Sheila Teves

    • “Embryonic development requires transposon expression” – Haruhiko Siomi

    • “Evolutionary trajectory of segmental duplications in vertebrate genomes” – Yusuke Kijima

    • “Evaluation and optimization of sequence-based gene regulatory deep learning models” – Rafi Abdul Muntakim

    • “The evolution, evolvability and engineering of gene regulatory DNA” – Carl de Boer

    • “Chromatin structure and transcriptional dynamics: insights from chromatin tracing” – Hiroshi Ochiai

    • “Isolating cells that have predicted future states” – Nozomu Yachie

    • “Evolution and divergence of eukaryotic transcription factors” – Hazel Cui

    • “piRNA in transposon silencing in the germline” – Mikiko Siomi


September 8
10:30 am - 4:30 pm PDT