Courage, compassion, and responsibility are the fundamental demands of leadership, especially on the path to building a better world. Daniel Louie, an SBME PhD student in biomedical optics and photo medicine, believes that a leader must take the responsibility to listen and learn as well as act for positive change. “Strong leaders must identify opportunities for themselves and for others,” says Louie, and that is precisely what he embodies in his work in the biomedical field.

Daniel Louie currently works with supervisor, Dr. Tim Lee, and mentor, Dr. Lioudmila Tchvialeva, on low-cost optical skin cancer detection technology. He was first drawn to this project because it would blend his engineering background with cancer research in an exciting way, and his immediate goal is to work on finding real clinical applications for this technology. But it takes help to get there, and that’s why Louie’s research is partnered with BC Cancer, UBC Dermatology, and the Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute.

Louie has already developed a low-cost skin cancer detection probe and hopes to use this experience to refine and innovate future projects. But beyond research, Louie has an immense desire to contribute to education in optics, photonics, and biosignals and systems. “My long term career goal is to become a professor, and I hope to translate my multi-disciplinary research experience into improving student education and academia,” he says. He was first attracted to biomedical engineering because of his interest in blending physics and biology and his desire to create lasting change in the field of healthcare, and he hopes to pass that same excitement onto future students.

Congratulations to Daniel from all of us at the SBME on receiving this award and demonstrating what it means to lead in the Biomedical Engineering field.


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