Associate Professor, Dept of Oral Biological and Medical Sciences


Research Theme:

Research Interests:

micro-computed tomography; cone beam computed tomography; contrast-enhanced imaging; image quality; respiratory- and cardiac-gated imaging; dual-energy imaging


Dr. Nancy Ford is a leader in respiratory-gated and cardiac-gated micro-CT imaging and in contrast-enhanced micro-CT. She was the first researcher worldwide to perform respiratory-gated micro-CT imaging on free-breathing animals. She has performed respiratory-gated imaging of lung injury in rats at the Canadian Light Source synchrotron facility, and radiation therapy treatment to the lung in mice at TRIUMF particle accelerator using the new FLASH irradiation platform. Dr. Ford also pursues research in dental radiology, including characterizing and optimizing the imaging performance for different tasks and measuring the radiation dose delivered to patients during dental cone beam CT and panoramic imaging.