Assistant Professor, Dept of Chemistry


Research Theme:

Research Interests:

Real-time Biosensors; Point-of-care Diagnostics; Molecular Assembly; DNA nanotechnology; Nucleic acid-based sensors; Nano-scale Sensors; Functional nanosystems; Early Detection; Optical Spectroscopy


After completing her undergraduate studies in Chemistry at the American University of Beirut, where she graduated with high distinction and received the Nickolas Jaber Award for Academic Excellence, Dr. Hariri pursued her PhD at McGill University, working at the intersection of material science and biophysics. Her research focused on engineering and optimizing DNA-based nanomaterials at the single-molecule level. In 2017, she continued her research as a postdoctoral NSERC and Philips-Healthcare fellow at Stanford University, developing advanced biosensors for personalized medicine. Currently she is establishing her own lab at UBC, combining expertise in molecular design and optics to engineer novel diagnostics for tackling challenges in biomedical research.